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UI Wolf

Add Local Admin Account Discovery for Linux/Mac OS X

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Can we look at automating the adding of Linux/Mac OS X hosts into Password lists and set the password reset interval, etc like we can do for Windows hosts?  We have the scripts but no easy way that I am aware of to bulk add Mac OS X and Linux hosts into a password list, set the admin account to look for, and start the password reset interval.

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Hi UI Wolf,


We have this functionality coming in version 8 in a few months time. There is one limitation for OS X though, and that is you cannot reset the password at the time of discovery - OS X does not allow one account to update the keychain of another account. We will also have Discovery Jobs for:

  • Cisco IOS 
  • HP H3C
  • Juniper
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle


Click Studios

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