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Syncing between clients and service providers Password States?

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We'd like to promote use of Password state for our clients and ultimately allow for some of clients records and kept in sync with our copy of their records.


Could you please confirm if this is currently possible and if not, if its something you'd consider adding?




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Hi Max,

We've been working on this support in version 8 for while now, and it should be ready within next 3 months. Below are a list of some of the features coming in V8:

  • Many features for MSP customers, like account discovery, password resets, and account validations on remote site networks. This will work securely over the internet, and only requires one port to be open
  • A new process for when Technicians leave, so you can easily identify what passwords they have access to, and easily queue multiple passwords resets if required
  • The ability for clients to login and ‘View’ all their password credentials
  • Updated, more modern User Interface
  • New Notification Centre for alerts
  • Password Reset Portal so users can reset or unlock their domain account by themselves
  • Many more authentication options for the mobile client
  • New account discovery jobs for Linux accounts, routers/switches, Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL
  • Many improvements to the Remote Session Launcher feature for remote access into different hosts
  • Windows Integrated API
  • Improved Reporting - many more predefined reports


Click Studios

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