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this probably can be considered as a bug, but by knowing how MS SQL work then it's not. Nevertheless, perhaps this could be fixed somehow. So here is the "issue": I have a shared password list with API key set and with settings set to have ONLY "API Key is authorized to add new Passwords". So, when I try to add the new password to the list via API, I get an error message:

[{"errors":[{"message":"Forbidden"},{"phrase":"The API Key Settings for the Password List with ID '1614' prevents Retrieval of Passwords."}]}]

It would be really great if this feature would really work. For me, it makes a lot of sense because I do not want others to be able to read the content of my password list. Although, I know that in MS SQL if you do INSERT, you have to have permissions to do SELECT as well.


So either this has to be fixed in the UI that prevents you from having enabled only "API Key is authorized to add new Passwords" or fix it in the way that it does what is says :)

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Hi ubagas,


Thanks for reporting this, and we'll need to investigate. We believe what's happening here is that when you add a new record via the API, it returns that object to you. But to do this, we need to query the password record after it's been added - so we're guessing this is where this message is coming from.


Can you confirm that the record is actually being added? 


Click Studios

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Hi Ubagas,


We are very sorry but we somehow managed to overlook this bug in the most recent release.  We've recorded the bug properly this time, and this will guarantee it gets fixed in the next build.  We expect this to be about another 2 weeks or so away.  The tracking ID for this is PS-2056.


We'll report back here in the forums as soon as we fix this.


Sorry once again!



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