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Where to find PasswordList ID

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Similar to this thread, but I'm not trying to find the PasswordList ID based on a Password ID... I just want to know where to find the PasswordList ID for a private password list within the web GUI.  It's needed when users want to run scripts on their own private list using the API.


I know in a previous version of PasswordState, I could hover over my password list and its list ID would pop up as alt-text. Looks like that has disappeared at some point.  We're on 7.8 (build 7847) right now.


It would be great if the list ID could be exposed on the Edit Password List screen, either on the Password List Details tab or the API Key and Settings tab.  Or, just bring the hover text back.



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Hi Greg,


We did remove the hover function for this a while back, purely to increase performance.  Good news is there's another way to find this easily, by toggling the visibility of the Web API ID from the List Administrator Menu on the Password List, as per below screenshot.




I hope this helps!



Click Studios

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