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2FA/TOTP tokens for logon records?

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Hi Jason,


Please let me know if I'm misunderstood your question. We do suppot the TOTP and HOTP standards, and in Passwordstate it's called One-Time Password.


You do need to use either a Hardware token or Software App to generate the password, and then you can enter this into the login screen. There are many software Apps for phones which can generate TOTP passwords, but if you're asking can Passwordstate also generate the TOTP passwords, then I'm sorry it can't as this defeats the purpose of 2FA.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if I've misunderstood the questions.


Click Studios

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Thanks for the response. Yes, I believe you've misunderstood, as it appears haven't answered my question.

I understand I can use TOTP to secure my logon to Passwordstate - that's not my question.

Within Passwordstate, the logon/password details it holds for logon to other systems, can Passwordstate also generate the TOTP toekn I need when I would logon to other systems with 2FA active.

You mention above using software apps to generate TOTP, so I assume you mean that Passwordstate cannot generate them.

Thanks, I'll look at apps like 1Password that do, so that I have all logon requirements within one app.

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