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Slack Notifications via Web Hooks.

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Is there any chance of building out a Slack notification method within Passwordstate?


Right now we are piping it through an email broker. But there are times when the emails just never come through or are never sent.


It would be nice to have a method by which PS would leverage the Slack web hooks to send notifications on events.


Right now, we are sending notifications to a "#logging" channel for password adds/edits/copies/deletes. We are doing the same for password lists.

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Hi Scubes,


Thanks for your suggestion - Interesting :) 


We would probably need some other customers to require the same feature though, as no-one else has expressed an interest in this so far.

For your emails, are there any errors in the Application Event Log on your web server? Also, we add auditing records for when emails are sent, so maybe have a look at the Auditing screen to see if Passwordstate believe it's sent it.

Click Studios

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Slack or HipChat integrations would be great!


Just because you haven't had many requests for it doesn't mean it wouldn't be useful :)


having Slack / HipChat notifications would be useful to have for tasks such as password resets etc!


Email notifications aren't always convenient and easily get missed.


Webhooks themselves are easily enough to implement you can usually achieve them with a few lines of code within a webapp (Curl methods does this beautifully) 

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