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While installing the secondary node to complete the High Availability install and features, we are getting a frozen installation session.  I have attached screenshots of the installation process ...
Screenshot 1: test connection to database successful from server node 2.  We selected the "connect to blank database" option
Screenshot 2: after clicking NEXT, screen just stays frozen on "creating tables, please wait ..."
Screenshot 3: database creation log
Nothing occurs in the "creating tables, please wait" screen.  I have confirmed that the database was created in mixed-mode.  Also the database is accessible with no issues from server node #1.




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Hi Luis,

Sorry your're having some issues with this, and I think I can see what the issue is. You are not meant to be using the 'Connect to Blank Database', because this process will actually create the tables for you - which is not the normal process for setting up the HA instance.

The process is meant to be:

If the database already exists with tables and data in it, then you will need to do the following:

  • Copy across the web.config file from your primary server to your HA server
  • Modify the database connection string as appropriate
  • and set the PassiveNode key to true

We hope this helps.

Click Studios

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