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Users access to audit data.

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I've found a tiny thing that bugs me a bit.

On my installation I have set the "Activity grid" (recent activity listed under the password list) so only be visible for admins.

When we get a new colleague, I always guide them to disable the charts on the right to free op estate on the screen.

So the issue happens after a user unticks "Visible" in the Screen Settings. When they click save, the Activity grid becomes visible for that password list untill the next screen refresh.

And this is even reproduceable by seleting "Visible" again and click save.

Each time you click save after changing the visibility of the charts, the Activity grid is exposed for the current passwordlist.


This is not a huge issue here. But this could potentially expose data that you don't want users to see. And worst of all, there's a high chance or me getting the "what's this" question.

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Hi Stefan,


Thanks for reporting this issue, and we can confirm it's an issue we need to look into.


Also, I would suggest using a User Account Policy for customising the screens for your users, and then they do not need to do this. You can find User Account Policies in the Administration area.


Click Studios

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