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PowerShell Function: Retrieve Password Record

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Hello all. We have recently been reviewing our PowerShell scripts and decided to come up with a function our support staff can use when they want/need a password to be retrieved from Passwordstate. Now the below assumes you have the appropriate IP/Subnets defined and an appropriate API key to retrieve records. This is nothing special, but thought it may help others who are unaware the ease of retrieving records via Passwordstate. This requires PowerShell v3 to leverage 'Invoke-RestMethod' cmdlet.


function Get-Password {


    Requires PowerShell v3 for Invoke-RestMethod support

    Retrieves password record from Passwordstate





	    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true,

			       Position = 0)]


	    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true,

			       Position = 1)]



    Invoke-RestMethod -Uri https://pstate.domain.org/api/passwords/$($Id)?apikey=$($APIKey) -Method Get


You can then retrieve a record in this manner:

    $ID = "1234"

    $APIKey = "12345678900987654321"

    $Creds = Get-Password -Id $ID -APIKey $APIKey


Once you have retrieved the record, you can convert it to a PowerShell credential object for later use:

$User = $Creds.Username

$Pswd = ConvertTo-SecureString -String $Creds.Password -AsPlainText -Force

$Credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($User, $Pswd)


At this point you can specify the $Credential for cmdlets that support it and no longer store credentials in plain text (or even via "secure string"):

Get-Service -ComputerName SRV01 -Name "BITS" -Credential $Credential


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