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Bulk update email addresses

Guest Johnny

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Guest Johnny



Is it possible to bulk update email addresses in the system?


We use Admin accounts to access the system, and these have no email address connected to them.

We have about 200 users in the system, and I would like to take a list of users and update the email addresses with a script. Is this possible?


Best regards,


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Hi Johnny,


Unfortunately there's no real easy way to script this, as our API does not support the modifications to the User Accounts area in the main Passwordstate console.  It is possible to use something like Powershell to loop through some data and update SQL accordingly, but this may take some time to script up.  


The quickest thing we could suggest at this stage, would be to edit the dbo.UserAccounts table manually using SQL, as this would be quicker than updating directly through our UI.  To do this, right click the table, and select Edit Top 200 rows and update the email field accordingly:





Hopefully this only takes 10 - 15 minutes of your time:)

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