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client certificate mapping to limit device access?

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Hi Guys,


This might be a bit outside the scope of passwordstate and more a pure IIS question.


We would like to limit external access to our password state server to only “known and allowed devices”


Our current setup is an AD authenticated passwordstate server running internally and we wanted a secure way to provide access externally, and vpn seems way over the top, so the thought process was to have the passwordstate proxy/mobile client installed in a DMZ and use certificate mapping to limit access to only devices that we install a client cert on.




So the questions part of the post :)


Is this a supported design/situation?


Has anyone tried it before?


Is there any documentation to help us along the way?




Kind Regards,




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HI Daniel,


We're sorry we missed this post:(  You're always welcome to email us on support@clickstudios.com.au which definitely gets check constantly if you receive poor responses from us in the forums again:)


We've never had any one report to us them trying to do this, and Passwordstate doesn't have anything built in to approve devices with certificates.  Do you know if your connections from the outside world would be coming from know IP addresses?  If so, it is possible to lock it down to these IP addresses under System Settings -> Allowed IP Ranges.  Do you think this might work for you?




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