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Self Destruct Message - Branding

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Is there a way to change out the logo and title used on the Self Destruct Message page?


Our logo and custom title show throughout all other pages in PasswordState, but not on the Self Destruct page.


Also, even though we changed the Subject line of the Self Destruct Message email template, the Subject line still shows up with the default Subject. Other changes to the body of the email template work fine.

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Ok well I was able to fix the logo by just going to C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\selfdestruct\images\logos and renaming that logo as .old and putting ours there with the same name as the original logo.  That fixed my logo issue and now we have our logo everywhere.  If only we could get that subject line to work.  I tell everyone to change it but you know.....

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Sorry, I missed that 2nd reply.  We are using the latest build. 7789.  If we change the subject in the email template category " Self Destruct Message Email " then hit save, then hit "test e-mail" at the bottom, the test email comes through perfectly with our custom subject which is simply "Gwanda - Self Destruct Message".


However after that, when you actually send a real password to someone, those emails default to the original subject "Passwordstate - Self Destruct Message".  Sure a user can change it manually each time, and that works.  But it doesn't accept our new default. Since it doesn't accept our new default, there is currently zero reason to customize that field in the email template.  It doesn't do anything except for the "Test Email" button.



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Thanks! I finally got around to updating and yes indeed the email now uses the template properly.  However the logo on the self destruct site did revert to the Password state logo and is still not using the proper branding.  I had to again rectify this by copying our logo to C:\inetpub\Passwordstate\selfdestruct\images\logos.  

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We can wait, I have a good workaround.  If you do make a cloud based version, I really hope you keep feature parity with the self-hosted option! We won't store our password data in a public cloud.  Only our own.  I'd hate to see the self-hosted option moved down in priority.





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