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Nothing happens when adding to Password list without password field

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I'm using the latest version 7.7 (Build 7737)

When I'm adding a new password to a password list that does not have the password & password strength field shown on it nothing happens. 


This happens both to old password lists and new. 


The cause seems to be that the password strength field has the required field grayed out and enabled so it seems to be still in effect even if the field is not shown.


This started when I upgraded directly from Version 7.6 (Build 7676) to Build 7737

2016-08-10 15_02_47-Passwordstate.jpg

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Hi njordur,


Thanks for the forum post and we can confirm this is a bug ranging from version 7721 to 7737.  We've now patched this and released a new version, build 7742.


Thanks very much for pointing this out to us, and apologies for the inconvenience.




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