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Mobile Client Overview

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The Passwordstate mobile client is actually just a mobile friendly website that you point your mobile phone browser to.  It is set up  automatically with your initial installation of Passwordstate, and if your phone is on your internal network range ie connected to company wifi, then you should be able to access it already.  To access your mobile site, you simply append /mobile to your Passwordstate URL.  For example:  https://<your_passwordstate_url>/mobile


If you want to access your mobile client from outside your internal network, you will need to ensure an external DNS is configured for the URL you're using, and the firewall itself can pass traffic to your Passwordstate web site.


If you want to install the Mobile Client web site separate from your main Passwordstate install, i.e. in a DMZ or another 'hardened' server, then the following instructions will help with this - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version7/Mobile_Client_Installation_Instructions.pdf


The following manual will also give you some idea of how our mobile client works - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version7/Passwordstate_Mobile_Client_Manual.pdf


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I think what people are looking for here (I might be wrong maybe maybe not), is an "icon" for the mobile website on their phone or mobile device. The web interface for mobile devices works just fine, can appear just like a mobile app and be as secure or more, but what people don't "get" from this software is an icon on their phone screen to click and jump right to their passwordstate instance with from their phone.

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