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Auditing User Account

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Hey Everyone,


Hopefully someone can help me with this.


Im looking to create a new local user in Passwordstate (v7.6 build 7676) that only has access to Auditing in the Reports Menu, but can see all records.


I have created a test user that has this specific access but the only records the user can see in the reports is concerning themselves.


Is there a way of setting this up ?






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Hi Alan,

If you want the user to be able to report on all auditing records, not just for the passwords their account has been given specific access to, then you would need to grant them the Security Admin role called 'Auditing'. This can be done on the screen Administration -> Security Administrators.

Once done, and they log off and then back on, then they should be able to use the highlighted report type below in the screenshot.


Can you let us know if this helps at all?



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