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Remote Session Launcher Error

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Recently installed PasswordState, build 7623, but seem to be running into issues when trying to use the Remote Session Launcher. I followed the instructions provided in the help menu, for both client setups and browser setups (Chrome, FireFox and IE). Launching RSL via the menu on the account, "Remote Session Launcher with these credentials", then selecting the Device I am presented with the following error from Putty. 





I get the same end result with all browsers, only Firefox will show the error. Chrome and IE will just close the popup window. Any help or direction would be appreciated, Thanks!


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Hi mdom,


Sorry you've run into this issue, but hopefully we can sort it out fairly quickly for you. So we don't share any sensitive information on a public forum, could you email us the following via a support ticket at https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx

  • When you select this menu item of "Remote Session Launcher with these credentials", can you send us a screenshot of what you have entered onto this screen
  • Can you confirm that name resolution is working for this Host record as well - which we're sure it is
  • Can you also confirm that you are trying to make a SSH connection - the screenshot you've provided shows PuTTY, but the default client is SuperPuTTY for SSH. Maybe also email us a copy of the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher\PSLauncher.ps1 to have a look at as well


Click Studios

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