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Updating Password in Powershell Issue

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Hi, I've been working with passwordstate and powershell to create an automated password management script. I've so far been able to create, retrieve, and delete passwords from our server, but am unable to update an existing password. I've been using the following code:


   Invoke-Restmethod  -Uri "$PASSWORDSTATE_SERVER/api/passwords" -Method PUT -ContentType "application/json" -Header @{"APIKey"=$APIKEY} -Body $JSONSTRING 
This syntax works for all the other password methods, but for this method gives me the following error:
"Invalid API call - No compatible API route found, "Please check for valid request URLS, parameters, and http verbs."
To my knowledge, this code should work, as I'm following the tutorial set in the passwordstate api documentation, and again it works for other methods. Does anyone see something I'm missing?
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Hi jcoughlan,


Sorry, I've just noticed a couple more issues with the jsonString. Can you try the following:


       "PasswordID":' + $PWD_ID +',
I've just tested this, and it appears to be working for me now.
Click Studios
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Hi jcoughlan,


Can you tell me what build of Passwordstate you're using - this worked for us, so possibly it's a bug in an older build.


We may need to organise a Remote Desktop session to try and help troubleshoot this further with you. Can you contact us via the following page so we can organise a time - http://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx



Click Studios

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