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Page cannot be displayed when click Passwords Home or on a Folder (fixed in build 7551)

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Note; This is now fixed in Build 7551.


We've recently been made aware of an issue where an error stating "the page to not be displayed" when clicking on either Passwords Home, or on one or more Folders.  The reason some users are seeing this is because they do not have any auditing data in one or more of their Folders within the last 7 days, so the “Recent Activity” grid on Passwords Home or a Folder is not rendering properly.  This will be patched in the next release.


As a work around, you can do two things:


1.       If you are a smaller company, you can ask your users to turn off the recent activity grid on the affected Folder by

a.       Copying a single Password to the clipboard from a Password List inside the affected Folder – This will generate some auditing data and get rid of the error message

b.       Now the user should be able to click the affected Folder -> Screen Options and deselect “Show Recent Passwords on this screen”

c.       Click Passwords Home -> Screen Options and deselect “Show Recent Passwords on this screen”


2.       As a Security Administrator, you can apply a global policy to all users to turn off the Recent Passwords Grid for them:

a.       Click Administration -> User Account Policies and Add a new Policy

b.       Give the policy a name and under the “Home Page and Folder Screen Options” tab, click the Organise Zones and Panels button

c.       Deselect the “Show Recent Passwords on this Screen” option

d.       Save the policy and then apply permissions to “All Users and Security Groups” from the View Permissions button on the Actions menu of the policy

e.       Next time any of your users log into Passwordstate, the issue will not be present.  After this has been patched, you can turn the policy back off if you wish


Here are some key screenshots on how to perform this:


Error Message:









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