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Issue AD Authentication on Mobile Access

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Hi All,


I have an issue with AD authentication on mobile site,


when we try to access we have the error "Incorrect Login Detail. Please Try Again"


in logs I can see this error : 


Failed 'Mobile' login attempt for UserID 'dcidom\ceh' from the IP Address ''. The Password entered was incorrect.


I'm sure that the password is the good because it works without any issue on the website.


our password strategy force to use special symbols as *, @, # etc...


did someone already have this issue ?


Many Thanks

Cedric From France.

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We are experiencing the same issue.  Build 7551.  Password contains # @ ^ characters.  Log states The Password entered was incorrect.  Same password works on web login.


Update:  Just tried it again with another account with password set to Password123 and get the same error.


Update 2:  This started working once I replaced the self signed SSL certificate with a certificate signed by a CA.

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Hi Jeff,


Thanks for letting us know, and we'll do some testing with a self-signed certificate to see if we can reproduce the issue. We do recommend using trusted certificates though, as each of the browser vendors seems to be imposing more and more restrictions when the SSL cert is not trusted.



Click Studios

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Hello All,


For anyone else having this issue with the Mobile Client, can you please go to the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Miscellaneous tab, and ensure the Base URL field is correct. If it's not, then the Mobile Client cannot communicate with the API to perform the authentication.


Click Studios

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