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Can you search for Documents and not just passwords?

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Hi jbilliau93,


Currently this is not possible, but we can look into if you like. Are you wanting to search for a password record that has documents "attached" to it i.e. the name of the document, and then the password record will show? We can't search the contents of documents, only the title.



Click Studios

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I guess I was looking for almost an all in one solution.  I wanted to maybe store SOP's in the passwordstate, and thought maybe I could utilize the search to search for a specific SOP word document (title or description). Probably not ideal, but didnt' wanna necessarily come up with another solution when this almost sorta did what I wanted it too.


No worries.

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Are there any news regarding  this topic ? We have started to use PasswordState to store certificates as well as passwords, in this initial part of the process I have to store a few 100 certs, they can be hard to find if I cannot search on either filename or file description.



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Hi Everyone,


We are sorry as this hasn't been implemented yet.  We still do have it logged, and still do intend to introduce it and will report back here once it's complete. We're currently developing Passwordstate 8, but will try to squeeze it in to a minor build before we release that.  Thanks for your patience.



Click Studios Support

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We are beginning to store system specific SSH keys in passwordstate for accounts were we use keys instead of passwords.


We can search and find the password record via the api but I don't see any way to find the documents that are associated with that password record.


Is there any way to do this still something we are waiting on as a feature (we are on 8.4 build 8449)?

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