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Errors when trying to use the InPlace Upgrade feature

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In order to use the InPlace Upgrade feature, you must specify an account on the screen Administration -> Backups & Upgrades -> Settings which has appropriate permissions on the Passwordstate web server to stop/start the Passwordstate Windows Service, and also overwrite all files in the Passwordstate folder.


Below is a typical error you will see what you have not configured this account correctly, or possible access permissions for this account have changed.


In order to configure the required settings for this feature, got to the Help Menu in Passwordstate, then the Security Administrator's manual, and Backups & Upgrades section. This help document goes into some detail as to what's required here.


Note 1: Even if you don't wish to use the Automatic Backups feature in Passwordstate, you still need to configure an account on this script so it has the required permissions

Note 2: If you just want to complete an upgrade now, and configure this account later, you can follow the 'Manual Upgrade Instructions' section of the following document - http://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version7/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf





Click Studios

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