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How to identify conflicting settings within multiple User Account Policies

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You have two or more User Account Policies applying to a single user.  In each of the policies, you have specified different values for a same setting.  You would like to identify this conflict, so you can remove or adjust it from one of your User Account Policies.



The first policy you have specified that the Pie Charts on a Password List are to be displayed (See Screenshot below:).  The second policy, you have chosen the exact opposite value, and the Pie Charts are hidden.  You have applied both policies to one of your users.





How do I resolve this Conflict?


1. As a Passwordstate Security Administrator, click Administration -> User Account Policies -> and click the Check for Conflicts button:




2. If there is a conflicting setting, it will list the Policy Name, the User and the Conflicting Setting ID:




3. You can now drill into one of your policies, and find the conflicting setting, by looking for the Setting ID:





You will need to change one of your policies to stop the conflict.





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