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Prevent users from using a specific "bad" word in their passwords

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For added security, you may wish to stop users from creating a password which contains certain words.



You want to prevent any given user from having the ability to create a password that contains the phrase "clickstudios", which may look something like Clickstudios01 or clickStudios2015


How to I Do This?


1. As a Passwordstate Security Administrator, click Administration -> Bad Passwords and enter "clickstudios"






2. Click Administration | System Settings -> Miscellaneous and choose Use regular expressions when matching 'Bad Passwords'


*Note* Using the regular expression option can cause a slight performance impact of Passwordstate.  If you wish to avoid this you can add in multiple words into Bad Passwords that match your criteria. 





Now when a user goes to enter a password that contains clickstudios, it will warns them and also deny them from saving that password










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