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How to set your default home page for when you log in

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When logging into Passwordstate, you can specify which Password List or Folder you would like to start your session from.  


How do I do This?

Under the Preferences Menu -> home page, you have 2 options:


1. Return to the last Password List or Folder I was viewing

2. Return to the Password List or Folder selected below


If you have selection #1 checked, Passwordstate will remember the last Password List you were actively looking at, and point your new session back to that List. As some companies have a mandatory Inactivity Time Out in Passwordstate, this option makes it easy to resume from where you left off.




If you select Option #2, then you can force Passwordstate to start you from the same Password List every time you log in, like Passwords Home for example.






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I think this article is out-of-date, because I have the same question now and my recent version does not have this tab in my preferences.  Where do we go now to set the startup home page preference?

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Yes, this article is definitely old now. You can no longer select an option for this, and instead you will return to the last selected Node in the tree prior to you logging off Passwordstate.


Click Studios

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