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Importing Passwords between Old PS and New PS server - Issues

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I exported all passwords from our old PS server (7.0.x).


I setup a new PS 7.1.x server complete with AD authentication.


When I try to import the passwords from the CSV file, I get errors like the following:


"Row 289: Could not find a matching Password List in the database. Possibly you specified an incorrect PasswordListID, or possibly one for a Folder."


This current PS server is entirely empty. I have not created *ANY* entries in it yet.


Any tips on how to get this information into the system as easily as possible?

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Hi scubes13,


Are you trying to do this because you want to convert from Forms-Based Authentication to AD Authentication? If so, then we can email you a document for this conversion - it's a bit of work due to all the encryption of the UserID field, but it is possible, and might be less work compared to the instructions below. Let me know if you want me to email this. 


If you'd prefer to stick with your fresh install you got, you will need to do the following:


Old Server

  • If you have any Private Password Lists, you will need to ask each user to export this data themselves, as the Export All Passwords feature only does Shared Password Lists
  • On the screen Administration -> Export All Passwords, select the 'KeePass Compatible CSV file'
  • Open this file and insert a PassworListID column at the beginning of the spreadsheet

New Server

  • You now need to re-create all the Password Lists as you had previously. Depending on how many you had, this may be a bit of work. If you have a look in our API documentation, you may be able to script a fair bit of this
  • When a new Password List is created, it is assigned a PasswordListID value. You need to place these values in the exported csv file as appropriate - in that PasswordListID column that you inserted. You can either look in the database directly for these values, or on the screen Administration -> Password Lists by clicking the 'toggle' button you see
  • Now on the screen Administration -> Password Lists, you can use the 'Bulk Password Import' feature
  • Ask users to re-create any Private Password Lists, and reimport their data


Click Studios

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