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Please consider the following when submitting new Password Reset Scripts, or using scripts provided on this forum:

  • Prior to using any of the scripts provided here, it is recommended you first use a tool such as PowerShell ISE to test the script in your own environment. Once comfortable the script behaves as expected, then you can add it to Passwordstate via the screen Hosts -> Password Reset Scripts

  • Please provide constructive feedback of other user's scripts, so they we can all benefit from the continued development and support of them

  • If a script is deemed to be popular and stable, Click Studios (SA) Pty Ltd will seek permission from the original author to include the script as standard with future builds of Passwordstate

  • The scripts provided by the community, and Click Studios, are provided as is without warranty, and no legal recourse is possible in the event the scripts provided here cause issues within your own environment

Thanks for your support regarding these "rules", and we hope as a community we can build some scripts we can all use and benefit from.



Click Studios

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