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How to Submit a New Script

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When you wish to submit a new PowerShell script for others to use, please consider the following:

  • Please use the template supplied below so we can maintain consistency with formatting and documentation
  • Please use Click Studios' scripts as a basis for your own - they have considerable error checking in them, and it's important we maintain a similar script structure if possible
  • If you have any suggestions for other data which should be supplied with a script, please include it as appropriate
  • Click Studios will moderate all new submissions before they are visible to all users


Template for Submitting New Scripts (Please cut & paste)


Script Name

The name of the script, which also should be the same as the forum Topic Title



A description of what the script does


System Requirements

Any special System Requirements which need to be considered in order for this script to work


Successfully Tested Against

Please include any devices, operating systems, applications, etc. you have tested this script against, so we can all start to build an matrix of supported inventory


Failed Testing Against

If known, also document any devices, operating systems, applications, etc which this script failed to execute successfully for. Generally this field would be updated by Click Studios as we receive feedback from the community for your script.

PowerShell Script

Please use the opening/closing brackets in the toolbar <> to enclose the contents of the script in "code tags", and specify 1 as the Starting Line Number, like this:

Script details, 123

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