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[Request] Remote Session Launcher - Mac

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Was also planning to ask if there's a timetable on this, our design department is mainly Mac and some of our developers are Mac also (Darn those iOS apps!) so a launcher would be much appreciated. Although for us just SSH/VNC would be sufficient (Both of which are supported by Mac natively).

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Hi Mike,


We don't currently have any plans for this, and we'd need to figure out a completely different method of being able to do this on Linux based OS's. Currently in the Windows world, this happens:

  • The browser's need to accept the new 'Custom Protocols' launching an external application
  • Our installer adds registry entries for these 'Custom Protocols', so the browser knows to execute the pslauncher.exe file
  • This pslauncher.exe file then calls PowerShell and executes the script PSLauncher.ps1 - it is this script which performs all the logic, decryption and launching of the remote session client

So somehow we would need to figure out the same sort of approach in the Mac world.



Click Studios

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