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Mobile Client Web Site Prompting for Authentication

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A few customers have been experiencing issues where the Mobile client web site for Passwordstate, accessed via the URL of /mobile, is prompting them for authentication credentials. This is not normal behaviour, and we've determined it is caused by sharing the same Application Pool in IIS as the main web site. This may be an issue for some customers using any build from 6350 and below, so please follow these instructions if it affects you


Sorry for the late reply. Could you try the following for me:
  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Click on ‘Application Pools’ and create a new Application Pool called ‘PasswordstateMobile’, ensuring you specify the advanced settings in the first screenshot below
  • Once you’ve done this click on the Passwordstate web site in IIS, then on the ‘Mobile’ folder, then select the ‘PasswordstateMobile’ Application Pool as per the second screenshot below
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