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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, It would be cool to be able to automatically link the Hosts to TeamViewer account. Right now if you want to use PasswordState to remote control the computer you have to manually enter the TeamViewer ID & Password for each computer. It could be scripted but it's hard to maintain someting like that in the long run, especially with a lot of new computers. I think both TeamViewer & PasswordState could find a nice way of talking to each other to get the information. Using API's it should be possible to passthrough the computer name and automatically log in. Thank you.
  2. As of Passwordstate 8, it is now possible to configure the Remote Session Launcher to connect using TeamViewer, instead of using the native windows Remote Desktop Connection tool. Below are some simple instructions on how to do this, and we assume you have some experience with setting up the Remote Session Launcher utility previously. You will need to ensure that you have the Remote Session Launcher installed, your browser configured and you know how to add hosts into the system. For more information on now to do this, please see this Forum Post: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2110-how-to-set-up-the-remote-session-launcher-passwordstate-8/ This also requires you to install the TeamViewer client on your machine, and set up your remote TeamViewer machine for unattended access. This means you should have a static password configured for the remote TeamViewer machine. Step 1: When adding a Host into the system, ensure you configure it to use TeamViewer Step 2: When adding in a Remote Session Credential, for TeamViewer accounts, you are not required to link it to a Password Record. instead, simply configure the Remote Session Credential for TeamViewer and click Save: Step 3: Ensure you have a Password List that is enabled for Resets: Step 4: When adding a password into your List, ensure you choose TeamViewer as the Account Type, and select the appropriate Host you configured in Step 1. The username should be the Teamviewer ID and the password is the unattended access password you have previously set on the remote machine You should now be able to click the TeamViewer Launch button and it will log you directly into your remote TeamViewer machine, without the need to enter a UserID or Password: Regards, Support Click Studios
  3. Hello, I'm a new user of Passwordstate. Is there a possibility to save Teamviewer login credentials and use it with the Remote Session Launcher feature? So that nobody has to know a fix password of a Teamviewer ID and can start the Teamviewer like the RDP Remote Session Launcher. Christian
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