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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for a new feature, that upon login after entering primary authentication method (e.g. Users/Password) that users will be able to select (from a drop down or similar) their secondary authentication method. For example, if a user had multiple authentication options configured, such as Google Authenticator, YubiKey authentication, Email temporary pin code, they could select the most convenient authentication method at the time of login. Another example could be that users only have YubiKey authentication implemented, and there was an issue with the Yubico API or the internet connectivity of the PasswordState server, users will not be able to login due to the reliance on the Yubico API. In this case the user could choose to use another authentication method, such as Google Authentication which does not rely on internet connectivity allowing them to successfully log in.
  2. Tyler_S

    User selectable MFA option

    Hi Team, I am unsure if this topic will be required to be a feature request or there if these features are currently available, however I am looking to be able to have users select the MFA option upon login. For example, I currently have forms and YubiKey authentication setup, however I would like users to be able to select the MFA option, for example choose between YubiKey/Google Authenticator/etc. Currently if the Passwordstate server was ever to lose connection to the internet/Yubico API, users will not be able to login due to the reliance on the API. If this feature was available, in this scenario users could select Google Auth/Other as their MFA option, and still be able to log in successfully. Is there currently any way to setup this up in the current version of Passwordstate? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hello, I was not sure how to describe this request in the title... Basically, looking for the feature to require two-factor authentication for all users but give the user the choice on which second factor they use. For example, a user must use AD Authentication and one of the allowed second factor options (Google Auth, Yubikey, etc). Possibly even have the option to support two second factor options. Google Auth and Yubickey (with only one being required at the time of authentication). Does this make sense? Thanks,
  4. Synopsis of Feature Request: Provide a restriction method either via user and/or group that allows assigning more granular permissions to users. Allowing restriction similar to client access where a user can only see one site, but extend that functionality to licensed users so you could have teams or users responsible for certain hosts, or client sites (MSP remote-site Locations) while still allowing them access to write, update and all other functions. Current Behavior: All licensed users can view all hosts When creating passwords and in various areas in the site, drop downs or selections allow users to select any site (internal, client 1, client 2) from menus Internal is the default for all licensed users and can not be removed Requested Behavior: Restrict users access to one or more sites User permissions can be set like currently, read, write, discover hosts, but all functions restricted only to site(s) they have access to. (internal, client 1, client 2, etc) Can only view or connect to hosts at sites they have permission for. No evidence or ability to view, see or access any other sites. - Won't be even able to see Client 2 as a drop down if they don't have permission for that site. Set different site as default, removing permission from internal and assigning to say Client 1 and Client 2, but not Client 3 or Internal. - Use case, help desk or third-party NOC you don't want in internal systems Benefit of Implementing Feature Request: MSPs or others managing passwords for clients or multiple offices would purchase additional licenses so that "end-users" or "client-admins" could add and edit records, providing additional revenue for passwordstate. While the free client licenses are an added benefit, there would be the ability to upgrade a client to a full user just for their site(s). This would reduce the time of the MSP updating records by allowing their clients to directly access, save or edit passwords. It would also allow them to provide Remote Session Launcher to end users reducing the cost of providing a third-party remote connection tool for clients to access their workstations / pc's remotely.