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Found 5 results

  1. We are a new customer and are about to commence our first installation of password state. I have a few Q's: 1. Now that Azure SQL Databases are supported, i was wondering if anybody has any advice on the pricing tier they choose. Which is best DTU or vCore? I am curious to know what other customers have chosen. 2. since Azure DB is HA due to it being a PaaS Service, would this mean that a HA Licence for PasswordState is not required? 3. is it possible to have 2 HA Web Front End Servers Pointing to a Azure SQL PaaS DB thanks
  2. Here at Click Studios we frequently do testing of certain features, and we use a handy script to quickly restore your database. We thought we'd share this script with our community which can help speed up testing. An example when we use this script is we are writing an API script to import bulk passwords into the system, but we did something wrong in our script and it imported a whole bunch of incorrect data for what ever reason. We then decide to roll back the database to the state it was in just prior to running the script, and then test our API script again until we get it rig
  3. Step 1: Ensure you have prerequisites set up for your web server and hosts, as per this forum post (Once off process) Step 2: Add new Password Record configured as follows: Screen 1: Ensure you configure the below 5 options correctly and enter in the password for the account. If you configure an Expiry Date it will automatically change the password when that date is reached. Screen 2: Ensure you select the correct Privileged Account and the Reset SQL Password reset script. Also confirm the Password Reset Schedule is enabled if you want the password to
  4. Step 1: On your web server, open your c:\inetpub\passwordstate\web.config file. Take note of the username and password inside the connection string: Step 2: Open SQL Management Studio Tools, and enter your database server name, choose "SQL Server Authentication" and enter in the username and password you found in the web.config file If you get an error, then either the passwordstate_user account does not have db_owner rights to your database, or the password is incorrect. To fix this, connect to your database server using another account that
  5. I'm running v7.5 (Build 7539). I'm trying to setup a new HA subscriber to my installation. After the subscriber has been successfully created, when I view the synchronization status, I see the message "The process could not connect to Subscriber." With this being the case, the DB is never replicated to the subscriber. I have allowed UDP ports 1433 & 1434 and sqlbrowser.exe through the subscriber's Windows firewall. I'll be glad to provide any needed additional information.
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