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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, we are running Passwordstate without any problems. Now I got the task to add user accounts from an external AD (outside of the Passwordstate server domain) I did as Administrator the setup of the Domain under Administration -> Active Directory Domain (with the check mark at Used For Authentication) I created Privileged Account Credentials under Administration. The check of the Privileged Account returned "Username and Password matches". After that I did the "Add From AD" under Administration -> User Accounts. Here I could search for the user
  2. In the event Azure AD is unavailable (Microsoft outage, ISP outage, etc), users should be able to authenticate to on prem Active Directory.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to sync Active Directory with Passwordstate? If I create a Service Account with a specific name like svc_[SERVERNAME] or if the service account is in a specific group in AD, then automatically add a entry in passwordstate with the accountname, password and other information? Or do anyone know how to add entries via script (Powershell, TSQL) ? Regards Hakan
  4. Issue: We've had a few reports of customers who have not been able to sync AD Security Groups, or possibly not able to add users into the system from Active Directory. Symptoms: Some symptoms you may see is when adding in a AD Security Group, it will not enumerate the members. Or possibly you might be presented with a Error page in Passwordstate saying it cannot query Active Directory. Possible Cause: By default, Passwordstate only requires an account that has "Domain User" privileges in AD to be able to sync objects, however if you have hardened Active
  5. Hoya! Another day, another thread I'm in the process of setting up our privileged accounts for Windows and Linux management. Linux is easy in this case, as we'll limit the user through SUDO rules. Fine and dandy. It's Windows that's throwing me off (it's not really my field of expertise). I'm loathe of making a user account that's simply given access to the local "Administrators" group on each host. That feels damn dangerous to me. So I'm trying to hammer down things and make it work with the least possible privileges. Unfortunately I can't get it to work: I'm stuck at
  6. From what we've read, we believe the "emergency access" feature is to be used for instances where users are unable to login, such as when AD is not accessible. We were wondering if this is the method that other people are utilizing for such instances, or if anyone has found a different means of doing so. Our particular use case that we are trying to prepare for is AD being unavailable. Thanks in advance, Jason
  7. On a Windows server or desktop OS, it is possible to configure a Service, IIS Application Pool, Scheduled Task or COM+ Component to have its "Identity" run as an Active Directory Account. We call these Dependencies in Passwordstate. This post shows how to configure a Password Record to manage this dependency. Step 1: Ensure you have prerequisites set up for your web server and hosts, as per this forum post (Once off process) Step 2: Ensure you configure a password record as per this Form Post. This should contain the Active Directory account you intend to set up on your de
  8. Hello, We've got problem. Our passwordstate build version is 7551 (the newest one). Some AD security groups with disabled AD user accounts doesn't want sync with Passwordstate. During sync in Application log we see below error: An error has occurred executing the call 'QuerySecurityGroupsMembership_AD'. Security Groups Details are: Security Group = Test, Domain = domain, FQDN = domain.local, and error message = The specified directory service attribute or value does not exist. &stacktrace= at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.ADStoreCtx.LoadDirectoryEntryAttributes(
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