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  1. Hey, one other issue... Myself and another user have been given permissions to a host discovery job. Note that I created the job under my user creds. I can edit the job; however, the other user doesn't have access to the host discovery job when they click in the HOSTS tab, and, consequently, is never emailed a report when the discovery job completes. Both user accounts have email addresses. What gives?
  2. Yes, that's true re email address. The sync process is only ensuring that security group membership is correct and user account status is updated, correct? If the group membership of a security group didn't change, why would it wipe out the email address unless it re-imported the user from AD?
  3. Yes, we have some users under User Accounts. I made an assumption that since we set the AD group sync to once per day that it must have been pulling user accounts as well because if I manually added an email address to a user account in passwordstate, it would wipe it out the next day.
  4. When I go to add permissions to a discovery job and I try to search for an AD user, not all of my AD users are showing up. The Administration | Active Directory Domains appears to be set up correctly along with the privileged account credential. Is there some reason I wouldn't be able to see all of my AD users in order to change permissions on a discovery job? Thanks in advance. Guido
  5. Hey, how can i find out if a host discovery job has run and any errors that might have been generated? Guido
  6. If Passwordstate security administrators are defined with an Active Directory group, does the group itself need to be mail-enabled in order for members of the group to receive email notifications as defined within Passwordstate? Or is an email address associated with individual members of this group enough to receive email notifications?
  7. If I launch a Host Discovery Job, how do I track its progress (i.e. in progress, completed) and if there are any associated errors with the job? Guido
  8. Dear Click Studios, Our administrators have two user accounts, one of which is used for elevated account access. The elevated account has no email address associated with it. And the elevated accounts are defined as security administrators within Passwordstate. How should we set up email templates, notification groups, etc. so that our administrator's non-elevated account receives all the appropriate email alerts destined for Passwordstate's security administrators? I was hoping I could use the 'Also sends email to' under Email Templates, but it appears that if the security administrators do not have an email address an error is generated and this additional email address is not used. Thx! Guido
  9. So the distribution list for any given email notification is different depending upon the notification type. Who is notified for 'discovery job results'? Are the recipients for the other email notifications documented somewhere? For example, if the email template says 'notifies user' does that also notify the Security Administrators or would one need to explicitly add this distribution list to the template? Thx! Guido P.S. I'm also getting the error below when I try to send a test email from the email template screen. This happens if I also put in a valid email address in the 'Also sends email to:' line. Error Code = The parameter 'address' cannot be an empty string. Parameter name: address, StackTrace = at System.Net.Mail.MailAddress..ctor(String address, String displayName, Encoding displayNameEncoding) at admin_emailtemplates_edit.SendEmail(String strSubject, String strFromAddress, String strToAddress, String strBody)
  10. Yo Passwordstate Guru's, If email templates are enabled under the Administration tab, where is the email sent assuming there is no email notification group set up and the 'also sends email to' is not filled out on the email template? Note that our security administrator users do not have an email address associated with their account. How would user preferences apply for emails notifications given that there are email templates setup under Administration tab? I don't understand the preference. Guido
  11. On an account discovery job, what's the appropriate syntax for host name filters and tag filters? Can you use wildcards? If so, what are they? Can you do something like *red* or blue??
  12. Dear Clicksters, I clearly don't know passwordstate as well as I should. As a security administrator, it seems as though there are some password folders/lists that I can't permissions on - even if they appear to be at the top of the tree. Say what? Shouldn't a security administrator be able to change/grant permissions on anything (except private lists) as long as it's logged? Guido
  13. Dear Clicksters, We get a message that the backup fails from 7.6 followed by a message that the backup succeeded from 8.2. What gives? Guido
  14. Dear Click Studios, I've been in Information Systems for 35 years and I don't say this very often, but passwordstate is a damn fine product with damn fine support. Thank you. Really, thank you.
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