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  1. Hello, I noticed that I can require a handshake approval to make changes to a passwordlist's access. However is it also possible to require a handshake approval each time a user wants to access a credential which he as access to?
  2. Hello, I'm just wondering. Does Passwordstate have a feature that checks if I use any duplicate passwords? This would mainly be for users that don't use generated passwords, but use their own.
  3. Hello Buckit Thank you for your answer! The solution looks pretty good, I might just go for that!
  4. Hello, Anyone that has added some sort of SSH key management with Passwordstate, maybe with the use of API's? I've read in the user manual that it is possible to start a remote session via an SSH key in a password list, is it however also possible to do some sort of SSH key rotation? maybe via the use of a script that generates new keys on the hosts and pushes them to Passwordstate or something like it? I'm curious wether someone here has done it or has thought about it. Thanks for all the help so far, I'm loving both Passwordstate and the community!
  5. Hello, I'm wondering what the best practice is that other passwordstate users use to secure their web.conf file. As the web.ini file contains sensitive information such as database connection strings and such its kind of a hazard to leave them like that. I'm just curious how other users secure it, I was thinking of maybe using Azure Key vault for this. Also while I'm at it. Could via the use of API's and file attachments (files with the database connection strings and such) Passwordstate be used to secure these credentials for other applications, I.E. Application to Application Password Management.
  6. Hello, Restarting the browser did not work, however I noticed that I forgot to add the domain in the user name so I only used my UserId, after adding the domain it worked fine. Sorry for the trouble! Kind regards,
  7. Hello, When trying to create a privilged account in the administration tab 'Privileged account Credential" i get the following error when checking my Username and password (which are correct).
  8. Hello, Is the checkout feature part of the standard passwordstate or do I need the password reset portal for this? The request access for RDP/SSH sessions also looks very promising!
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