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  1. Hi, yes i will do that thanks,. Greetings Findus
  2. Hi, when we access our vcenter6 only the Password field gets automatically filled. We already checked what the Fields are called, Username = username and Password = password, and added that information into the Password entry. Our guess is that the Example text in the Username field might be the reason for this issue. Greetings Findus
  3. Hi, it took a while but we now restored the Database to the new server and everything is working fine. thanks for the information. Greetings Findus
  4. Hi, we are currently running one of your Passwordstate Installations on Windows Server 2008R2 and IIS 7 and we want to Upgrade the OS and IIS Version. Our plan would be to set up a new Server and than Migrate the Database to the New Server. I know there is a How to on that but i wanted to clear some Questions we have before we do that. - Will all the Settings and Configurations also migrate and be the Same on the new Server ? - Is Migrating the Database the best way to do that or could we just restore a backup of the old server on the new one ? Greetings Findus
  5. Hi, sorry for the Late follow up. I looked into your links but we noticed that the Problem only occurs in our test environment and everything works fine on our production server so we stopped looking for the Issue. Thanks for your help anyway. Greetings Florian
  6. Hi, our upworker tested it again using Powershell and it seems like he receives the same error. Greetings Findus
  7. Hi, i do not work on our API program myself, we have an external worker for that. He came to me with the Following issue. He tried to delete a password on our test Passwordstate system and move it to the recycle bin and he receives the following error. Note that other requests like adding a password to the list is working fine. I don´t know much about API´s and their usage so there might be a obvious solution to someone who is more experienced Greetings and thanks for your help Findushai
  8. Hi, thanks for looking into this and Im looking forward to the new build. Greetings
  9. Hi, just wanted to check if can expect a follow up on this point ? Greetings Florian
  10. Hi, we will do as you proposed and create a restricted Passwordlist for our high-security Passwords. Greetings Florian
  11. Hi, sorry for the late Reply but we had to discuss this Topic. Yes, it would be Possible to give every Password Individual Permissions but quite frankly that will just result in a huge mess and Complicated Password Permission Management. It would be far easier to just Manage Permissions per Password List and than Hide individual Passwords in these Lists in my Opinion. Or maybe you could withdraw Permissions to Passwords in an Individual Basis, but I'm not sure if that's Possible to Implement Maybe it's the way our Passwordstate is structured that makes it complicated. We have Folders for every Location/Costumers and in each Folder, we have the Same Lists (i.E Servers, Websites, FTP, Databases and so on). You could say we can add additional Lists with the "Sensitive Passwords" that only Selected People could see, but I think that wouldn´t be that much better. It would result in a huge amount of Lists in each Folder and make it more confusing to work with. Usually, we only have a few Passwords per Location that are really "Sensitive" which is another reason why I think adding extra Lists for these is to much. Maybe some other users could give some Examples of how they manage the separation between Passwords only a few People are allowed to know and Passwords everyone can see. Greetings Findus
  12. Hi, they are PostgreSQL Accounts and are defined as PostgreSQL Account in the Password Entries. We don't need a working Remote Session launcher for PostgreSQL but we want to use the Heartbeat script (which is already working, so yes they are valid) but without all the Entries Appearing in the Dropdown. Yes we are aware of that Feature but we prefer using the Hosts Tab for starting all Remote Sessions because it's easier and faster and the search usually returns fewer results while being in the Host tab because you don't get results from Lists like Websites or else which arent for Remote Sessions anyway. EDIT: I just played around with some settings and noticed that if I change the Host-Type from Linux to Windows none of these Credentials appear in the Dropdown List. Which means that you already Filter linked Credential on an "Account-Type" but only for Windows Host it seems. So why not do the same for Linux and everything else? I think its clear that it doesn´t make sense to put PostgreSQL Credentials into a Menu that's named SSH linked Credentials. Greetings Florian
  13. Hi, when documenting Passwords for Postgres Databases, the Documented Entries appear in the "SSH Linked Credentials" Dropdown menu for the Remote Session Launcher. The Account Type in for the Entries is PostgreSQL. It´s rather annoying when you only have one actual SSH Credential for a server but have to select it every time you want to use the Auto Launch. This will get even worse for Servers with way more Databases on them. Is it somehow possible to have a Heartbeat for this Database Entries but don´t let them appear in the Dropdown? Greetings Findus
  14. Great, So i just didnt see it. thanks, findus
  15. Hi, i think it would improve the general workflow while using Passwordstate if you could Copy a Password while being in the Hosts Tab. Sometimes when connecting to a Windows Server i have to start a specific Software on the Server and enter the Same Password i used to connect to the Server to. Then i have to go to the Passwords tab again and search for the Password, then i can copy it and go on my way, this only takes a few seconds but is a repeating process every day. Or for Example you connect to a Linux Server with a Sudo User and when running the First sudo command where you need to enter a Password you have to do the same thing. Maybe a Copy Button besides the "Linked Credentials" bar would improve this Greetings Florian
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