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  1. We tried to configure a notification if a password on certain password lists is about to expire - as we have to manually change it as long as it is not expired. Is there anything you can configure besides setting an expiry date? We only found pointers to the password reset portal, but that is not what we are looking for... Cheers
  2. That would be awesome. I'm looking for this option as well. An option to show the guide for the first time (after it has been changed) for each user instead of every time the user accesses the list would help as well.
  3. We are currently evaluating Passwordstate for roll out. The Password extension is great, but I think it would be better, if you have the option to turn off auto complete, as it sometimes tries too hard to fill forms. Furthermore you don't have the option to decide which account should be used for some form. Maybe you have access to a global admin account, but want to use a personalized account instead? Better is to click some button or press some key shortcut to fill the form. I think of the way like Enpass does it, if you don't mind to try it out. Cheers
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