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  1. Sorry for the radio silence! Here's an example https://eu.myconnectwise.net/ but you need a paid account. I know there are others but I can think of any of the top off my head. Another example would be entering credit card details, obviously not username/password data but nonetheless the same functionality could be used if it were flexible enough. As I previously mentioned in my other thread, the software we currently use does not restrict the number of fields nor what fields can be mapped and auto-inserted and hence can handle logins that require multiple fields as well as the credit card scenario.
  2. Hi From reading other posts in "feature requests", I notice that you are working on a new browser plugin. Just wondered if you intend to support auto-filling multiple fields as we discussed a little while back
  3. Hi The product is called Crypt-O. I'm sure there are better plugins with for functionality but that's the one we've been using and hence I'm comparing with A good browser plugin is essential for pain free password management so I'll look forward to the improvements. Any idea of the time frame?
  4. Hi Yes, sorry I did me the browser plugin. I have added the custom fields and it is one of these that I want to have automatically propagated into a web form. We currently use another product at moment and that handles the issue in a nice way. You are able to right click the page in question and then select 'Fill in login details'. The plugin scans the page for all form fields regardless of whether they look like a login fields. Then it puts a transparent overlay on the page with drop downs over the original fields. Each drop down contains all the available fields from the password record, you select the corresponding fields and once completed you simply save the bindings to the record ready for next time. This kind of functionality is much more flexible, do you have any plans to implement something similar in your browser plugin?
  5. Hi All New user here. How do I match more the two fields on a login web page? As an example I have a login page that requires username, company and password. Thanks in advance
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