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  1. Here are some of the commands that i've tried. curl -k -sS --request GET https://passwordstate.example.com/api/passwords/1111 -d "apikey=fdafdasfqewfsdfsd6" [{"errors":[{"message":"No Authorization"},{"phrase":"An error has occurred trying to validate the API Key for PasswordID '3481'. Please check the PasswordID and API Key values have been specified, and are correct."}]}] curl -v -k -sS --request GET https://passwordstate.example.com/api/searchpasswords/1111/title="abcdinst GPG Passphrase" -d "apikey=fdafdasfqewfsdfsd6" <hr><p>HTTP
  2. Hello, I am able to pull passwords from passwordstate using powershell put am unable to pull via curl. Can someone please help me convert this? This Works in powershell: $PasswordstateUrl = 'https://passwordstate.example.com/api/passwords/1111' Invoke-Restmethod -Method GET -Uri $PasswordstateUrl -Header @{ "APIKey" = "fdafdasfqewfsdfsd6" } Thanks,
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