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  1. Hi there, Actually we have aroud 150 users who are able to create a Passwordlist, but a lot of them forget to set the Template which should be used for Settings and Credentials. It would be a great freature to be able to set an Passwordlist as a Template. Best regards, Mario
  2. Hi, thanks for that Information. :-) How about the chance that you implement a 2FA for RADIUS in a future release? Thanks and best regards, Mario
  3. Hi All, i have al little follow Up to this case. It tooked some time but now we tried to implement the Radius Authentication wit Azure MFA Application. Configuration: I also set it as System Wide default! But now iget first the Active Directory Login: After a successfull logon i get the Radius Login: if i enter my Credentials now again i recieve my One Time Password from my Azure MFA Server. But i don't get a Window to enter the code. Do you have any Suggestion? Thanks and Best regards, Mario
  4. Hi, we would like to enable the Guide directly in the Passwordlist or the folder. There is an option "Popup the Guide on each access to this Password List", but our meaning is, it would be more attractive to show it directly on the Screen without a interupting pop up. Best Option would be to configure on the "Screen Option" and also as Default from the User Policy options. Someting like in the Printscreen "Guide in folder" Thanks and best regards, Mario
  5. Hi, is there a possibility to enable the function "request access to Folder and nested items? That would be a great function if you have many passwordlists within one folder. Actually it is Possible to request access for a Password or a password list but not for Folders. Is there a chance to get this function in an future build? Thanks and best regards, Mario
  6. Hi All, thanks for your Support. We will Implement it now by using Manual AD and Radius, where Radius is served from the Azure MFA Server which is hosted on premise. Our Solution should use the same infrastructure as already is in use, the custumer wan't use multibple different ways for Multifactor Authentication to reduce the comlexity. ;-) Thanks and best regards, Mario
  7. HI, Unfortunately no. With One-Time-Passwort i am not able to implent with Azure MFA Service i host on my Server. Can't find any option to configure my Azure MFA Servers within Passwordstate. I remeber that it was available in previous version , hope i'm right. :-) Thanks and best regards, Mario
  8. Dear Clickstudios, actually we are Installing Passwordstate for our internal Services and also one of our Customer. For both Installation we would be able to add Azure MFA as an additional Authentication Option. Actually there are some multi-factor provider available, but we would like to Implement it with our Existing Azure MFA instead of Implementing another third-party authentication. Is it Possible to Implement this feature? Hope someone else is also missing this feature. Thanks in Advance and Best regards, Mario
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