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  1. That's great, but what about a recycle bin for deleted password lists?
  2. There should be a sort of recycle bin to allow a security administrator to recover deleted single passwords or password lists for users. Accidental deletions seem to require a full database restore which can be destructive if a user does not discover their mistake for a period of time. Unless I'm missing an already implemented feature, please look into adding this functionality.
  3. Oddly enough, I just tested it again this morning and the problem has resolved itself. Strange.
  4. I just got done installing v7.3 (7393), which was upgraded from a very old installation (v6 - 6350). After the upgrade, I installed Powershell 4, and I'm able to access the system, but when I click on Active Users I get the following message: Any idea why this might be happening?
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