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  1. Hi, we tested this by looking for this setting in the screen options in an account where no changes were made. There the number of records per page was 10 and not the value we took for "P_Records" in the database. Regards Achim
  2. Hi, Thank you for your quick response. We tried both possibilities but those didn´t seem to be the problem. Regards Achim
  3. Hi, nevertheless it would be great if there was a system setting for this. Unfortunately the update of the "P_Records" value didn´t work for us. Any suggestions why this did not work? We updated the value in the database but nothing changed. Regards Achim
  4. Thank you for your reply! That was exactly what i was searching for. Thanks! Achim
  5. Hi, it would be nice to set the "Default Password Generator" policy as default Password Generator Policy for all users instead of "My Personal Generator Options". Currently there is only the possibility for each user to set this option for his own account. Regards Achim
  6. Hi, do you have plans for creating an app for passwordstate which has more features than the mobile website? It would be great if a real app would exist with the possibility to create new passwords and edit them. Another awesome feature would be the offline availability of passwords. Kind regards Achim
  7. Hi, is there a way to cofigure the default value for the number of records per page for all users? We would really like to set this password grid option for all users to a higher default value than 10. Thanks and regards Achim
  8. Hi, we would really appreciate a feature to copy / move multiple passwords from one password-list to another. Kind regards Achim
  9. Hi, we use chrome and the passwordstate browser extension. Being logged in the extension and opening our Wordpress backend or our teamwork (https://www.teamwork.com/) causes enormous problems. The CPU load increases and the website or even the whole browser doesn´t work. If you logout of the passwordstate browser extension everything works fine. This is pretty annoying because we always have to logout of the extension to use the Wordpress backend or teamwork. Kind regards Achim
  10. Hi, this is exactly our problem. We do have an Self-Signed SSL/TLS Certificate. Do you know until when you can solve this issue? Regards Achim
  11. Hi, we also have a some problems with the passwordstate Edge extension. The icon never turns white in Edge and we can´t take advantage of the extension features. This is very disappointing because the majority of employees in our company are using Edge. I hope you can fix this bug soon. Kind regards Achim
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply. That is really a pity. Maybe sometime you will have time to implement this feature. Kind regards Achim
  13. Hi, we just bought the passwordstate enterprise edition for our company and are very satisfied. Because we are a german company i would like to ask if there are any plans for adding the possibility to change the language to for example german. This would be a great feature and would help us to find more user acceptance. Thank you. Kind regards Achim
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