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  1. Just use powershell and the API to retrieve passwords. I wrote a module which will make it easier https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/passwordstate-management/
  2. I'm not sure this is a feature request, seems like a bug to me? Either way +1
  3. Currently there is no method to return the ID's of Password Generation Policies, which makes creating passwords based on policies not entirely useful.
  4. Thanks that's worked, you are right the hash # value was causing the issue. Thanks again.
  5. I've tried that too. Using the following GET uri query string: /winapi/generatepassword/?IncludeAlphaSpecial=true&IncludeWordPhrases=false&minLength=12&maxLength=20&lowerCaseChars=true&upperCaseChars=true&numericChars=true&higherAlphaRatio=true&ambiguousChars=true&specialChars=true&specialCharsText=!#$%+-_=^&bracketChars=true&bracketCharsText={}()&NumberOfWords=0&MaxWordLength=0&PrefixAppend=P&SeparateWords=N&ExcludeChars=*&GeneratePattern=false&Pattern=null&Qty=1 The resultant password i got was: rstrut-pb9Lej Which shouldn't happen as include words and word length were set to false and 0 respectively.
  6. +1 for the self destruct messages this would be great for resetting and sharing user passwords.
  7. Can we get a search function for documents similar to how we can search for passwords? Currently when you upload a document via the API you get an ID back but after that there is no way to search for the document you uploaded to retrieve it.
  8. I'm struggling with the API for generating passwords. I'm looking to generate a password of the length 16 random characters and without a word. However it seems no matter what parameters i pass i get a 12 character password with a word such as: scalp-6Vk%z I'm performing a get with the following parameters. /winapi/generatepassword?IncludeWordPhrases=false&minLength=16&maxLength=16 Infact the only parameter which seems to work is qty=3 which will generate 3 of the same 12 character with a word passwords. I'm running V8.5 (Build 8519)
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