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  1. 3 Questions 1. Is it possible to setup PasswordState DB connection in Windows Authentication mode only? If not, why not? 2. Is it possible to script the first steps? (Welcome to Setup Complete) 3. Install on to a SQL Always On Group (SQL Express), is this supported? Edit: Added a question
  2. Awesome, thanks. Edit: Forgot to say, yeah that fixed it.
  3. I've tried this using the RestAPI and through Chrome, all with the same result.
  4. Hrm, turned on just word phrases and it does what is expected. Turned off word phrases and turned on alphanumerics and hit save then went back in and generated 15 new passwords. Same result. 19 characters (18 limit specified) and hyphens randomly appear.
  5. In addition to this, the word phrases just adds to the password and doesn't adhere to the character limit? I'm assuming that is by design.
  6. The password generator doesnt adhere to the rules...or so it seems. Min & Max characters selected is 18 characters with only alphanumeric yet the generator is adding a hyphen and not maxing out at 18 characters. It is generating 19 character passwords!? sxM78fHcY-3BdAKEtVY U8G-7XKM3byLssyvJj9 yp-FTADJAzKdYXyrz2f BSReVqPQ7Tid3ZH54-E 7qVFM8SjkVYSAa2nw-h 9hu8n5mgaVW-ZeQGZtr LvNNxKHYuu-esLHk95B 4SQGcL8rEs6Yfmnc5i t3Tpu-PNYhkH7gdU3BT q6vTbWp-uLsuRVD47je qVw5mCASpg-iT9Mhz69 U-i6KfA9xATJnkWy3qP 2RLESavN-UTVyBfwiVY T79ZZLme2Qzan3HN7-D GB52y7gVf4ACsw-Wjq3
  7. First up, loving the product lots of useful features. Now to try and sell it to management. I'm wondering if it were possible to sad new functionality to the API to support complete configuration through the API? I've got 7 environments which I'd be implementing this to (if I get it passed management) and I'd be automating the system as much as possible using PowerShell. Any thoughts to adding a supported powershell module instead of the restAPI? (Not that the RestAPI is hard to program against, just PowerShell is easier for the support staff) Features which would be specifically useful for unattended install: Email Notification Groups Password Generator Policies Password Strength Policies Security Administrators Security Groups User Accounts System Settings Email Alerts
  8. Windows Server 2012 R2 in Australian English PowerShell 4.0
  9. Just to add to this, when I installed passwordstate it didn't bind the self signed cert for me either. Had to manually assign the cert (worked out well considering I had to change the cert anyway).
  10. Australian company? Product is US Localization? Stupid minor gripe!
  11. We have a requirement not to use SQL in mixed mode, is there a way to install the product without the use of SQL Accounts?
  12. How do you go about configuring FQDN usage? Our certificate system only allows FQDN not NetBios. I've tried adding the server.domain.local to authorized web servers which doesn't work. Keep getting HTTP 400 errors.
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