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  1. Hi, Is it possible to run the browser plugin and disable the save password prompt either for all sites or using regex or wildcards in the domain ?
  2. if a user has modify permission on a password list can I make it so they can edit list properties? or view list properties?
  3. hey I 'm running 8165 now, with <staticContent> <clientCache cacheControlMode="NoControl"/> </staticContent> the behavior is still the same, constant get's for the images when cursor is hovering..
  4. Thanks, I needed "Log on as batch job" in additions to: Write Access to the Passwordstate folderPermissions to stop and start the Passwordstate Windows Service
  5. I can login and restart the service write to disk as the user password is correct, maybe its trying to write to disk via unc path? the sec log is actually showing login failures The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this machine. event 4625 Status 0xc000015b
  6. I don't want the upgrade user to be admin, is the upgrade user on your test box at home administrator on the machine? I'm using a non admin account.....
  7. what do you mean where you say "remove the logon as the Passwordstate Windows Service and return it to "Local System"" Password state service is running as local system, unchanged since install...
  8. Exclude Backup of Database : (ticked). In-Place Upgrade Backups (notticked )
  9. Exclude Backup of Database : You would generally only exclude database backups if you have an established backup process. In-Place Upgrade Backups : Perform backup prior to an any In-Place Upgrades. these are my settings ^^^ I read this configuration to mean no backups will happen during upgrade I have given the user full permissions on the Passwordstate Windows Service fullcontrol on C:\inetpub\Passwordstate error as above the passwordstate.zip doesn't download, if I do
  10. Hi I've created a user for automatic upgrades, without doing 1 or 4 but have done 2 & 3 Please note the backup account you specify below must have: 1. Write Access to the Backup Path 2. Write Access to the Passwordstate folder 3. Permissions to stop and start the Passwordstate Windows Service 4. And the SQL Server Windows Service must be configured with an account which also has Write Access to this Backup Path. if I don't want to do backup with the upgrade, do I need to still setup the path with permissions to it? - I can't test if the user is
  11. thanks, where is the create (sub) folders permission granted ?
  12. bit lost, seems if I have view permission on a folder I can create a subfolder underneath it; is this configurable?
  13. just this which is from the extension: ? password_manager.js:729 [Violation] Added synchronous DOM mutation listener to a 'DOMSubtreeModified' event. Consider using MutationObserver to make the page more responsive. (anonymous) @ password_manager.js:729
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