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  1. Have you seen https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/296831-wi-via-agee-error-not-a-privileged-user/ ?
  2. I would like to enforce a time limit for how long (in minutes) the contents of the SDM is available when opened. With the current configuration settings, recipients might forget to close their browsers, leave their computers without locking etcetera. With internal users this is normally not a problem as we can both train and restrict them using either technical or HR policies, but with the new (great) functionality in SDM more and more messages are sent to external parties.
  3. Passwordstate is great for internal (company) sharing of sensitive information. I would happily pay for additional licenses if I could use Passwordstate's Self Destruct Message with external (non-company) users as well. For example sending a new password to a contractor/consultant or a client's end user (that has no access to Passwordstate today). Basically what I would like to have is an on-prem equivalent of onetimesecret.com included into Passwordstate. The easiest way of achieving this would be to have a frontend / site (facing the Internet) that is allowed to con
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