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    Matt reacted to Fabian Näf in Importing from KeePass into Passwordstate   
    I made two PowerShell-Scripts to import your personal data into Passwordstate. One is for importing from KeePass and one for importing from Passwordsafe.
    Because Clickstudios is a great company with an amazing product and support, I like to share my scripts with the community.
    Terms: These scripts are free to use, it's not allowed to resell my scripts or making business with it! There's absolutely no warranty about what the scripts are doing, you use them on your own risk.
    I made these scripts, because the script above from Clickstudios has two disadvantages:
    It doesn't import the folder structure (everything is in one folder after importing). First you need to export to KeePass 1.3.2 and than export it from KeePass 1.3.2 into a CSV-File Prerequisits
    ID of a Template with URL-Field enabled (see manual from Clickstudios above) Systemwide API Key (see manual from Clickstudios above) ID of the folder in which you like to import to (for importing in Root, the ID is 0)  
    Using my PowerShell-Scripts
    My scripts are built to import a users personal KeePass/Passwordsafe data, so you need to specify a Username (e.g. domain\username), which you like to give access to the imported datas.
    If you first like to checkout, what whould happen if you would run the script, you can change "$global:PasswordstateWhatIf = $False" to "$global:PasswordstateWhatIf = $True".
    Export your data from KeePass (tested with Version 2.35) as XML-File.
    Start KeePassImporter.ps1 with PowerShell, enter requested datas and choose the XML-File.
    Export your data from Passwordsafe (tested with Version 3.42.01) as "Plain Text (tab separated)". As Delimiter use the default-value "»"
    Start PasswordsafeImporter.ps1 with PowerShell, enter requested datas and choose the Plain Text-File.
    Best regards & good luck with these scripts,
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