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  1. OK Licensing understood. Connection string, I would want to point this at a listener. I'll ask on Azure forum about this. Thanks
  2. Hi As a follow up, I now have a design idea to work to from help here The plan is to have two web servers in one region with an Azure SQL instance, with a third web server connected to a second Azure SQL instance in another region. SQL will use geo-location (AlwaysOn) and asynchronous replication to keep them consistent. Region 1 will have a load balancer and then both regions will be managed by Traffic Manager for failover. Couple of questions 1) What licence is appropriate for this setup, Enterprise with an HA licence or do I need a Global licence because I have 3 IaaS servers running + HA? 2) How do I configure the web config files to support this setup? 3) Is there any specific load balancer configuration that needs to be done so the web servers will accept the traffic? Thanks Matt
  3. Email alerts

    Hi Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but when running BETA 1, I configured the email alerting, sent the test, all good. However, nothing else was coming through. I've just done the upgrade to beta 2, and once the database upgrade was complete, all of the alerts from actions when running on beta 1 came through. I don't know if the service restart did it, but just seemed like odd behaviour.
  4. Something I noticed this morning. It would appear that the self service portal doesn't work with 2003 domains. I have 2008 DC's, but a 2003 functional level. When I attempt a password reset, it errors An unexpected error has occurred performing a Password reset for UserID 'username'. Error = Update pwd result: UnavailableCriticalExtension for CN=User,OU=Accounts,OU=Sitename,OU=Locations,DC=europe,DC=domain,DC=net The parameter is incorrect (00000057: LdapErr: DSID-0C090B79, comment: Error processing control, data 0, v1db1) [The server does not support the control. The control is critical.] I didn't get a warning when I added the AD domains about LDAPS. So, is there a way to improve the validation to ensure that when checking for LDAPS, it maybe does an AD check also? Also, why do seprate domain and privileged account configs exist for the reset portal. Is there not a way to have it use the existing setup for passwordstate?
  5. Importing from KeePass into Passwordstate

    Just wanted to say thanks. I've tested Fabian's script on the version 8 beta and it worked perfectly once I realised what user creds it was asking for. Cheers Matt