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  1. Alright so I tried reinstalling and it still wasn't working but these events showed up in the Application Event Log: ID: 0 Secret1 Encryption Key not found in web.config file. ID: 0 Secret2 Encryption Key not found in web.config file. ID: 0 An error has occurred executing the call 'QuerySystemSettings' - Specified key is not a valid size for this algorithm.&stacktrace= at System.Security.Cryptography.SymmetricAlgorithm.set_Key(Byte[] value) at PasswordstateService.PasswordstateService.AES_D
  2. My current set up is both the IIS and DB servers are one and the same. If I uninstall the PasswordState software from the server, remove the IIS site, and reinstall it allowing it to recreate the IIS site itself, will it still be able to re-connect to the DB server (since the name of the server won't be changing)? All I need to do is backup the web.config file, correct?
  3. I ran procmon.exe from SysInternals (https://live.sysinternals.com/Procmon.exe) and after restarting both the IISAdmin and W3SVC services and then attempting to open the site, I got the results that I've attached in .PML format (openable by procmon). PasswordStateLogfile.7z
  4. Alright so in the Authentication section, there's no errors and the settings are as follows: Anonymous: Enabled ASP.NET Impersonation: Disabled Forms Authentication: Disabled Windows Authentication: Enabled I find that a bit weird because we usually use the webpage to login rather than the popup box, but after switching them (enabling forms-based and disabling Windows auth) and then restarting IIS, the error persisted. There are no logs in the Event Log that refer to these events.
  5. I'm not sure what happened but all of a sudden the error "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred." whenever we try and open our PasswordState site. I've tried the usual rebooting, restarting IIS, etc, and nothing makes any difference. I also tried to do the "aspnet_regiis -i" command but get the following error: PS C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319> .\aspnet_regiis -i Microsoft (R) ASP.NET RegIIS version 4.0.30319.0 Administration utility to install and uninstall ASP.NET on the local machine. Copyrigh
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