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  1. Hypothetical question. If there is a user that has created a number of private password lists that are considered critical and said user go hit by a bus before he shared the lists is there a way for an administrator to get access and take over these lists and re-assign hem? Thanks, Rene
  2. rene_p

    discover domain accounts

    Thanks for the response. Is there any documentation on how to add the Ad accounts via UI or API? Thanks, Rene
  3. rene_p

    discover domain accounts

    When I do an account discovery on hosts it discovers all local accounts in the local admin group. Is there a way to also discover domain accounts that are added to the local admin group? Ideally what I would like to do is discover all domain service accounts that are located in one ou and configure them for both check in and check out as well as random password change on a quarterly basis. Is that possible? Thanks, Rene
  4. rene_p

    cannot browse active directory

    Thanks. issue resolved
  5. rene_p

    cannot browse active directory

    I believe its the same issue as in this post. I will wait for the update and see if it resolves the issue
  6. rene_p

    Host Discovery Failing

    I am also getting the same error. Rene
  7. Not sure where I am going wrong. I installed V8.3 (Build 8361) with active directory option with the thought of migrating my current non-AD instance to this new server. I believe I have everything setup to discover windows servers from active directory but in the Active Directory OU tab I cannot search and select the ou that the servers are sitting in. I can add the ou manually but the discovery does not work. I can add a server manually and it shows as active. What am I missing? Thanks, Rene
  8. A user created a shared password list and somehow changed his own permission to the list from admin to modify. Now he needs to delete that list and finds that he cannot. What are the options in this case? Thank you, Rene